Hi, I am Christean van der Mijden and this is Heart of Technology. Its origin is in my passion for electronics engineering. I discovered that I like to help others, teach and share what I’ve learned. So that’s what I’ll be doing here by writing articles and linking to great resources on electronics engineering.

A heart for technology

As a child I was the kind of boy that would build anything with Lego. Say I went to the harbour with my granddad one day, the next day I’d recreate it into as much details as possible. When I was older I got one of those Lego Technic kits with a motor in it: that was awesome. Trucks, machinery, you name it, it all had my interest and I made many recreations with Lego Technic.
I didn’t encounter people tinkering with electronics, so I never knew that you could. Although I did envy my younger brother when he got a ‘make-your-own-doorbell’-soldering kit. Basically my first 'real' introduction in electronics was in high school physics. We did some labs on digital logic which I quite liked.
So it wasn’t until I started with my bachelor studies on Electronics Engineering back in 2009 and encountering the EEVblog a year later that I found my love of electronics. EE started as just a field of studies that seemed nice to me, but quickly became one of my greatest passions. From circuit and PCB design, to microcontrollers and FPGA’s; from EMC and signal integrity to spending time troubleshooting a circuit: I love it. The fact that you can actually create things, that you get from theory into a physical design that works (or not, and you learn even more by figuring it out) is really rewarding.

(At) the heart of technology

Imagine a world without electronics, where would that leave us? The Stone Age, or at least the middle ages. Electronic circuits are at the core of every modern technology. Of course a physicist will correctly argue that the core of electronics is found in the underlying laws of physics. Yet look at how intertwined modern technology and electronics are, how Maxwell’s laws and the underlying physics are so significant to it all: I dare say electronics are not just at the heart of technology, but also the heart of modern technology. In other words:

"Electronics engineering: (at) the heart of technology"

‘The’ Heart of Technology

My personal believe is that you’re a precious, intentional and unique creation of God, and that he wants to know you personally. You don’t have to agree with me, and I wouldn’t imagine imposing my beliefs on you, but also, I would feel equally wrong not sharing this amazing goodness with you. It’s like when you discover a really great restaurant and their food is so delicious you want to tell everyone in the world about it. [1]
When it comes to electronics and technology, this means that every time I am working on something I cannot help be realize that the amazing physics that lay underneath it all exists because of Jesus. In the bible there a several verses that say that everything came into existence through Jesus, it continues to ‘be’ through Him and has its ultimate reason of existence in who Jesus is. (John 1:3; Romans 11:36; Colossians 1:16-17). To me this expresses that since Jesus is the heart of it all, He is the one true Heart of Technology.

[1] Sometimes you find someone that is able to phrase things exactly the way you see it, but you couldn't come up with it yourself. This is the case here as well: I used former iFixit host MJ’s words here as I she phrases it exactly the way I see it. Source: http://melissajenna.com/about/