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Blog update: 858D++ and Reddit Design Challenge(s)

Progress on the 858D++ project

It has been quite a while since my last blog entry so an update is long overdue. Last few months I have completed the schematic and PCB design for the 858D++ project. That is, I still need to calculate specific passive component values for some parts of the circuit. I will start writing blog posts on the design from May on. For now please enjoy the nice picture of the PCB on top of this post.

Reddit Design Challenge(s)

Thanks to a tweet from OSHpark I came across the DIY electronics Reddit. As it turns out they do a beginner’s and advances design challenge every so often. The prizes are OSHpark gift codes which is very nice. So check it out.

Buck Regulator Olympics

The current advanced challenge is to design a buck converter with discrete components and op amps only. It runs from March 1 to April 30th. I only came across the challenge early April, but I started anyway. With a bit of luck I’ll make it to finish the design, building and testing before the end of next week (April 30th). Off course I’ll post a write-up right here on the blog.

UPDATE: well I didn’t make the deadline. I decided to abandon the project for now and focus on the 858D++ project instead.

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