Keysight/Agilent U1272A Digital Multimeter

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A blog on electronics engineering One of the best things in electronics I’ve found is that we’re able to take physical concepts and theoretic principles into the real world of practical circuits. You can spend a lot of time reading up on say op amps in order to understand what’s going on. Then the best […]

858D++ draft schematic

858D++ draft schematic on github

Thanks everyone for being so patient on the 858D++ project. Somehow I still can’t get around to finish this project as again I struggle to find/make time to work on it. At the moment I have no idea whether I’ll ever get to finish it. So I decided to upload the draft schematic so at […]

Design Notes

858D++ Project Status

About a year ago I started with the redesign of the 858D hot air rework station. Last April I showed a nicely rendered PCB and since then nothing. It’s about time to account for the time since and give an update on the project. (There used to be a more recent update on my blog […]

858D++ PCB 3D

Blog update: 858D++ and Reddit Design Challenge(s)

Progress on the 858D++ project It has been quite a while since my last blog entry so an update is long overdue. Last few months I have completed the schematic and PCB design for the 858D++ project. That is, I still need to calculate specific passive component values for some parts of the circuit. I […]

858D reverse engineered schematic diagram

Reverse engineering the 858D+ hot air rework station

Today’s post is mostly in black and white as we’ll take a look at the circuit of the 858D hot air rework station. Almost every part of the circuit is on the PCB, except for the mains switch, fuse and transformer. The mains voltage is switched by a single pole, single throw (spst) switch in […]

858D Hot Air Rework Station

The 858D+ Hot Air Rework Station

The 858D+ is a cheap, if not the cheapest hot air rework station you can buy today. My first encounter with it was in EEVblog episode #167 [1] in April 2011 when Dave L. Jones reviewed his Atten 858D station (see embedded video at the end of this blog post). Now, early 2016, a myriad […]

858D Hot Air Rework Station Components

Project: 858D++ Hot Air Rework Station

858D++ …isn’t that a ‘+’ too many? Well it would be if you refer to the cheap Chinese hot air station that is made by a number of manufacturers. In this case it is a D++ as the PCB assembly will be completely replaced by a custom made one. Inspiration for this project About a […]