858D Hot Air Rework Station Components

Project: 858D++ Hot Air Rework Station

858D++ …isn’t that a ‘+’ too many? Well it would be if you refer to the cheap Chinese hot air station that is made by a number of manufacturers. In this case it is a D++ as the PCB assembly will be completely replaced by a custom made one.

Inspiration for this project

About a year ago I stumbled across this topic on the EEVblog forum. Robert, a.k.a Madworm, has reverse engineered his Youyue 858D+ hot air rework station. He then wrote custom firmware for the Atmel ATmega microcontroller. He improved the control loop behaviour and added a few features to the circuit. Robert goes into details on his blog. This inspired me to go and mod an 858D+ myself.

The 858D+ becomes the 858D++

My aim is to redesign the circuit and PCB in several ways. I want to make the design safer, more robust and basically better in general. The first goal is to create a PCB that can be used as a direct replacement in my unit. The extended goal is to go a step beyond the current user interface. I am thinking about using a graphical OLED display, maybe add one extra button and redesign the front panel. Basically the only parts remaining of the original 858D+ will be the handle (fan & heater assembly), the transformer, and the enclosure. So I named my project the 858D++.

Reasons for this project

The reason for me to embark on this project is first of all to have fun. In the process I will encounter all sorts of design topics, among which:

  • Digital control loops
  • Triac circuits
  • Mains voltage circuit and PCB design
  • Fan driver and monitor
  • Temperature sensing

I would love to learn more about them and apply them to the design.

In time I will setup a dedicated project page. All relevant blog posts will be linked there.

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