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One of the best things in electronics I’ve found is that we’re able to take physical concepts and theoretic principles into the real world of practical circuits. You can spend a lot of time reading up on say op amps in order to understand what’s going on. Then the best thing in the world is to be able to actually create a circuit and PCB design with it and get it working.
Now when I design something I want to know what I’m doing. I try to understand how something works, what the pitfalls are, and the details that matter. Rules of thumb are nice, but I want to know how they came to be and when they are (not) applicable.
These two things: understanding the matter and then apply it to the design, are continuously drawing me into electronics engineering. They are the basis for this blog.

So what can you expect here?

Well for starters I’m working on a design project and will take you along with me. That means circuit design, PCB design, firmware design and more. This project is a redesign and modification of the 858D+ hot air station’s circuit and PCB.

You will be able to find articles on EMC and signal integrity. There is no ‘magic’ involved at all, an idea I’d like to get rid of.

Occasionally you might find a blog on a particular tool. For example I still need a good pair of wire strippers, and I won’t settle for less than one that works perfectly every time. So I’ll spend time researching those. This might turn into an article on wire strippers and selecting one.

On top of that there’s this wish list of mine:

  • Write a ‘how to select the right microcontroller for my project’ article.
  • Write an article about how to find an answer to your question/problem by searching smart.
  • Design a linear DC power supply with a solid analogue control loop.
  • Recreate a dual and/or multi-slope ADC using an FPGA.
  • Make a clock using an IV-18 VFD tube.

So many things to come.

I hope you will like it here and benefit from my blog in an increased understanding of electronics engineering.

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